Saturday, January 24, 2015

Who bought the McKinsey land in Newberry County, SC

I have grandchildren this weekend and can not do a post as complicated as the one I planned for next, so I am going to skip it and work on the question of whether it was OUR George McKinsey who was married to Sarah Moore who bought the land in Newberry County, SC.  Harriet has explained to me that she believes that it is his father who actually bought the land.....but I never "got it".  So this post addresses that question.

We agreed in an earlier post that Our George was born in 1762.  The land in SC was purchased in November 1764.  Well that is a no-brainer.  George (Our George) was only two years old when the land purchase was made.  His father, George, was a young man with young children.....or at least one child when he bought the land.  And his father was also named George.  We still don't have final proof that George who was married to Margaret who sold land in Old Frederick County is the same man who is buying land in Newberry County, SC.  But we are getting closer.

Here are the things that we all need to work on:

Have we looked for probate records for an older George McKenzie or his wife Margaret in Newberry County?

Did the land change hands via a will?  Do we know for sure that the land that is bought in 1764 is the land that Our George sells when he moves to Warren County, Ohio?

The George McKinsey who served in the Revolutionary War was paid for service as a Tory--do we know for sure that it was George married to Sarah?  Check the dates when George was paid compared to age .....

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