Descendants of George and Sarah McKinsey of Newberry County, SC who do research

My name is Marsha Moses.  I descend from George and Sarah's son, Nehemiah.  Nehemiah participated in the war of 1812 and moved to Indiana to take up residence on his bounty land just after his marriage to Catherine Elliott in Warren County, Ohio in 1816.  You can reach me via e-mail at:

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  1. I have been looking into the Virginia theory for George's birth since his daughter listed it on a census as his birth place. I have read and re-read all the sources that discuss George and I am looking for proof that John is George's father. He does not name any of his children after his father so I wonder...
    There is a John McKensey/McKinsey/McKenzie that arrives in Virginia in 1747, but I cannot ascertain where he came from. I am currently looking at passenger ships to try to find him. Many take the 1752 birthdate as George's birth and if so, he arrived in Jamaica in 1774 which would be too late for land purchases in SC. Any thoughts on this? I have read George's grandson, Mordecai Bruce's, account of his grandfather, and the other grandchild statements about George coming over right before the revolutionary war, fighting in the war and being captured by the enemy. Any thoughts? I have him listed as a Loyalist in Dutch Fork 1780-1782.

    Rashelle Mckenzie
    Direct line of Mordecai and Catherine Reagan