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Birth of George McKinsey

Our George McKinsey married to Sarah Moore and living in Newberry County, SC during the Revolutionary War was probably born between 1760 and 1770 if we use the census of Warren County, Ohio in 1830 as a reference.  The household of George McKinsey is said to have had a male 60 to 70.  This birth suggestion would fit well with a man who had children between 1781-1805 if we use the earlier dates of that decade.  It also fits well with a man who was buried in Warren County, Ohio in 1841.  That would have made him in his late 70's or early 80's when he died.  There are earlier birth dates set forth by Ruby Mundell Wallace in her book of 1752 birth date in Scotland.

However, I am adopting the birth date of:

 However, there is another birth date put forth by Miss Henrietta McKinsey of Ashtabula, Ohio who was the granddaughter of Patrick McKinsey (youngest son of George).  This date gives 1762 as the year of birth.  This date is shown in the family Bible owned by Henrietta.  She was born and raised on the farm that had belonged to George W. McKinsey and bought by her grandfather, Patrick, at the death of George.  

Based on the census information I think that this is the very likely birth date for George McKinsey.

As for the place of birth for George, I have adopted Virginia:

Naomi (McKinsey) Spray was the only one of George’s children still living when the 1880 census was taken and she listed that her father was born in Virginia and her Mother was born in Georgia in the census.  This disagrees with the traditional story and Ruby was unable to verify either place of birth--nor either date.

Ruby had decided that Naomi's mother was Sarah Thomas.  So her lack of verification was based on the wrong maiden name for Sarah.  I do not believe that Sarah Moore McKinsey (George's wife) was born in Georgia.  She was most certainly born before her family moved to Wrightsboro, Ga in (insert date).   However, Naomi would have known that her mother's family had lived in Wrightsboro, Ga all of Naomi's life.  She was probably unaware of where they had lived before.  I think that Naomi's information was correct in her eyes.  She had probably heard stories of where her father had lived before his move to South Carolina as well.  I believe that this is another clue in support of the connection between our George McKinsey and Old Frederick County, Virginia.

If you would like to see the place of George's burial go to my blog post:  

I have never proved that Sarah Moore McKinsey was buried in the Bush River Cemetery.  But I am as sure as I can be that that is the case.  For her likely burial place see my blog post:

I believe that Abigail Thomas and George McKinsey and the children of Sarah and George would have taken comfort from burying Sarah near Abigail's husband, Nehemiah Thomas before they left for Ohio.  And I have seen Nehemiah's grave in the Bush River cemetery for myself.  There is no doubt that Abigail and Nehemiah had ALWAYS been very close to George and Sarah's family!  And there is no doubt that Abigail remained close to the family for the rest of her life.  I don't know if there was never a stone because they knew no one in the family would be left in SC to visit the grave or if the stone has disappeared over the 200 years during which much of the time the cemetery was neglected.  But I find comfort myself in thinking that that is Sarah's final resting place.  For a map to find this cemetery go to blog post:

From the map you can see how close the cemetery was to the home of George and Sarah Moore McKinsey.

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