Monday, January 19, 2015

Edward Thomas and George McKinsey: Neighbors in both SC and Virginia

Next post I want to add the document from Harriet showing George and Edward side by side....also land transaction in which Edward is said to have been in SC....and map showing where George and Edward lived in Virginia.

For anyone reading this post, these are just notes to myself so I don't loose my train  of thought....send me other ideas for posts.

And anyone from Bush River Mail list can look at following post to see where George and his family lived in Newberry County:

Scroll down to big green map.  I did this map during our fun time in Newberry County the last time we met as a group.

Just found the document that I was looking adding it even though I am not going to work on post.  You can move the document to see it better least on my computer...if it is too far right for you, let me know and I'll work on it a bit.  The point of this document is that Edward Thomas is found in the list right next to George McKenny.  The list is NOT alphabetical.  It is possible that it is coincidental that they are side by side, but it is also possible that they were buddies who were together for the event.  William MerchantMarchant is also on the list.  He is found both in Old Frederick and also Newberry.  Are there other names on the list that you KNOW were in both places as well.

When I was researching the Thomas name because I thought that Sarah who married George McKinsey was a Thomas instead of a Moore,  I felt it very likely that Edward Thomas on this document shown below was the father of much of the Thomas family that is found in Newberry County records:  Nehemiah, Prudence who married Peter Hawkins, Timothy, Edward who lived in North Carolina with son Edward named in Nehemiah's will....can't do the rest from memory...

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