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Land transactions in Frederick County, Virginia 1771

On a trip to the West Virginia Archives in 2014, I looked at a book that was abstracted by Amelia C. Gilreath called:  Frederick County, Virginia, Deed Book Series, Vol 5  Deed Books 15 and 16 1771-1775

on page 17 there are two land transactions that are of interest:

Bk 15, p. 92  6 Aug 1771
      [lease] between George McKenny of the County of Frederick [to] Thomas Campbell of the said County.....consideration of five Shillings.....Tract of Land joining Handley's Dunken and Merchant's Lands.....corner to Richard Merchant.....line of Musty Handley.....Containing one hundred and ninety four Acres Granted to said George McKenny by Deed from the Hand and Seal of the Right Honorable Thomas Lord Fairfax the 18th Oct. 1756....Yielding and Paying rent of one pepper corn on the Lady day next....
Wit: Jacob Sowers, Jr  Thos. Wood
Recorded: 7 Aug 1771

Signed George (O) McKennie

Bk 15, p.93, 7 Aug 1771
   [release] Between George McKennie and Margaret his wife of County of Frederick [to]Thomas Campbell of the said County....consideration of one hundred and thirty pouns.....194 Acres (same as above)....
Wit:  same as above
signed same as above

My gut feeling is that this is MY George McKennie who buys land in SC in 1773.

From a book by Carl W. Nichols called:  The Dutch Fork An Atlas of the Dutch Fork of Newberry District, SC:

page 148.
Shaw, Thomas
250 acres, 23 Nov 1764, 8:1  East side Bush River.  Map-P 62
150A (NE part) of survey sold 1773 to George McKinsey (Nby Deeds) D-2, 6).  Deed says remaining 100A (SW part) had been sold to Nelson Dunkin.  100 A part of survey sold by L&R 27 & 28 Sug 1790 by John Palmer to Abijah and Hugh Oneal (Nby Deeds D-374)

I do not think that it is a coincidence that George McKinsey/McKennie is a neighbor to Duncan in both neighborhoods.  I am going to use this blog to try to prove that George McKinsey who married Sarah Moore is connected to this Northern Virginia McKenny family.

I had already typed these transactions into my main blog with some explanatory information.  You can read this post at:

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